“Those who think they have not the time for healthy eating and active living will sooner or later have to find time for illness and disease.” Hippocrates

Are you:

  • At a stage in life where your nutritional needs may be changing, such as motherhood (pregnancy, breastfeeding), menopause (women) or andropause (men)?
  • Dealing with a change in lifestyle that requires some dietary changes?
  • Trying to maintain your body composition with aging?
  • Recently diagnosed with high cholesterol or triglycerides, pre-diabetes, or blood pressure problems and are unsure of which foods are best for reducing your risk of heart disease?
  • Coping with a newly diagnosed health condition and want to know how to modify your diet, how to incorporate and enjoy healthy foods, and how to get started and stay motivated?
Then you are ready for a Nutrition Check Up!

Food choices are important to achieve and maintain peak health. Your food choices will also affect your energy levels, body composition, and help reduce risks of chronic disease. Food is like fuel in a car – use the wrong type or not enough and the car does not run well, if at all.

*Health Insurance Reimbursement
If you have a workplace extended health care plan that covers the services of a Registered Dietitian, you may claim for reimbursement for any individual nutrition counseling sessions.

Individual Services:

Nutrition Assessment (1.25 hrs) $ 200
Follow-up Nutrition Consultation (1 hr) $ 150
Body Composition Assessment $ 50/assessment
Meal Planning Session – One Day Plan $150
Dietary Analysis on Food Prodigy (3 Day) $50/3 Day Analysis
Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment

  • Initial assessment ($200)
  • Two Body composition assessment ($100)
  • Diet analysis (Food prodigy $50)
  • Meal planning (One Day Meal plan $150)
  • 2 x 30 minutes of follow up consultations ($150)
$ 600/person (a savings of $50)
Teleconference follow-up consultations (15 min) $35/15 minutes
Eat Smart Nutrition Workshop $30/person
Shape Up Workshop $50/person
Meal Planning Workshop $30/person

Initial Nutrition Assessment:
   Cost $200 (75 minute duration)
This is for those people who want to focus on individual nutrition issues with a Registered Dietitian. This assessment will include dietary, lifestyle and medical questions that will be important in guiding personal nutrition recommendations. This initial assessment also includes a body composition test with the InBody570 and resting metabolic rate assessment. An energy budget will be developed to help you meet your energy needs for overall health and wellness.

Follow-Up Nutrition Consultations: Cost $75/30 minute duration
Individual counseling is available for those clients who have completed a nutrition assessment and want to work on individualized dietary strategies, meal planning, label reading, and/or food preparation skills with a Registered Dietitian.

InBody570 Body Composition/Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment:  Cost $50/test
A body composition test in conjunction with a RMR analysis measures your unique body composition and your personal caloric requirements. An accurate assessment of your body composition and RMR helps you and your Dietitian, to better plan and evaluate your nutrition programs. This body composition test is done with the latest in multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis using the InBody520. The extreme accuracy of this analysis makes it possible for the InBody570 to monitor the slightest compositional changes during the process of weight loss/gain.

Dietary Analysis: Cost $50
You will record your food and fluid intake for 3 days (2 weekdays and 1 weekend day) and also log your physical activity on a web-based tool Food Prodigy. Your food and activity log will be analyzed using one of the top software programs in North America. Your nutrition summary will provide a list of nutrition and physical activity recommendations based on your health goals. It will also include a list of any nutrients your diet may be deficient in, such as B vitamins, calcium, iron, or zinc.

Meal Planning: Cost $150/One Day meal plan
The meal planning follows an assessment/energy budgeting consultation. We will work with you to develop a meal plan will ensure that you are getting appropriate carbohydrate, protein, fat, fluid, and calorie intake based on your age, weight, height, gender, health condition(s), and activity level. The meal plan will be your guide for making meal and snack choices.

Comprehensive Assessment: Cost $600/person
The comprehensive assessment includes TWO InBody570 body composition and resting metabolic rate analyses, an initial nutrition assessment, a dietary analysis on Food Prodigy, daily meal plan AND two 30 minute nutrition counseling session with a Registered Dietitian.

Teleconference Follow-Up Consultations: Cost $35/15 minute session
Do you have questions about dietary strategies for specific health conditions, nutrition supplements, or foods that you see in the grocery store? Telephone counseling is an inexpensive, convenient way to stay on track. You are only a call away from a Registered Dietitian. These sessions are encouraged for current clients as a follow-up to provide on-going expert advice as needed.

Eat Smart Nutrition Workshop: Cost $30/person
Do you have elevated cholesterol? Is your blood pressure too high? Has your Doctor told you that you are a borderline diabetic? This workshop has all the nutrition information you need to get you started on a nutrition plan to better cope with high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and diabetes. This workshop will review how to keep your heart healthy and will delve into which foods you should eat, add life to your years and years to your life.

Shape Up Workshop: Cost $50/person
In the Shape Up workshop, you will get an overview of your body composition assessment (lean body mass, body fat, lean development), hydration status and resting metabolic rate. You will also determine a healthy body weight for you based on the results of your body composition test. The resting metabolic rate analysis measures your personal caloric requirements. This will help you determine the amount and types of foods that you need to eat to meet your health and body composition goals.

Meal Planning Workshop: Cost $30/person
This workshop is a follow up to the Shape Up or Eat Smart workshops. In this workshop we will help you to develop a meal plan (what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat) to achieve your health and performance goals.