Air vests for all riders….Seriously, every rider should wear an air vest.
Whether you are an eventor or jumper rider, back young horses or rehabilitate injured horses, ride trails or hunt, Point Two Air has the perfect vest for you. Increase your safety level and increase your fun level too. Do us a favor, if you know someone who doesn’t ride in one, give them a good lecture, then send them here. We’re positive we have a vest that’s perfect for them and their fun level too.
 The ProAir is a lightweight and durable choice for Eventing, Polo, Schooling, and Trail riding.
All in the same day, if you’re also durable enough.Because of it’s light weight and incredible durability, the ProAir is our most popular air vest. Once you put it on you’ll forget you are wearing it, until you come off. Then you will remember exactly why you are wearing it.




The ProAir Child has all of the same quality and safety features as the ProAir. Just smaller.
Built exactly like the ProAir for adults in durability and lightweight features, the ProAir Child will protect children so they can keep riding until they are big enough for an adult sized ProAir.


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Ordering Info
To order vests and/or canisters please contact us. Please note that we service the Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec area only as you must be able to get to Ottawa to pick up your orders.