“One must eat to exercise…..not exercise to eat…….”   

Are you….

  • Searching for that competitive edge in your sports performance?
  • Interested in getting rid of excess body fat without losing muscle and bone mass or compromising your performance?
  • Chronically fatigued and your endurance performance is deteriorating?
  • Unsure of which foods to eat and how much you need to eat before, during, and after training or competition?
  • Interested in supplementing your diet but not sure which supplements will help you to achieve peak health and performance?

Then you are ready for a sport nutrition check-up!

Let the Registered Dietitians* and Sport Nutrition Specialists of Peak Performance teach you how to:

  • Choose foods and fluids for your peak health and peak performance in your sport;
  • Recover faster after tough training sessions
  • Improve endurance performance;
  • Attain and maintain a weight for peak health;
  • Attain and maintain a body composition for peak performance in your sport;
  • Maintain high energy levels throughout work, family, and training commitments;
  • Choose the optimal type and amount of supplements to improve health and performance.

*Health Insurance Reimbursement
If you have a workplace extended health care plan that covers the services of a Registered Dietitian, you may claim for reimbursement for sport nutrition assessment and counseling sessions.

Individual Services (delivered via Virtual Platform and/or Teleconference):
*(only in person service currently unavailable due to COVID-19)

Initial Sport Nutrition Assessment (1.25 hrs) $ 200
  • Follow-up Energy Budgeting (1 hr)
  • Follow-up Meal Planning (1 hr)
  • Follow-up consultations (0.5 hrs)
$ 150
$ 80
*Body Composition Assessment
$ 50/assessment
Dietary Analysis on Food Prodigy (3 Day) $50/3 Day Analysis
Comprehensive Sport Nutrition Package

  • Initial assessment ($200)
  • Diet analysis ($50)
  • Energy budgeting ($150)
  • Meal planning ($150)
  • 2 follow up (0.5 hr) consultations ($160)
$ 600/person
(a savings of more than $100!)
*PowerFuel Sport Nutrition Workshop  $50/person
*Meal Planning Workshop  $30/person
*Energy Budgeting Workshop $ 50/person
PowerFuel Program for Clubs/Teams  $600 + HST + Food costs/Program
PowerFuel Sport Nutrition Workshop Series $375 + HST/workshop

Initial Sport Nutrition Assessment
This is for those people who want to focus on individual nutrition issues with a Registered Dietitian specializing in sport nutrition. This assessment will include dietary and training questions in relation to the types of individualized issues an athlete may be facing. An appreciation and understanding of the energy differences throughout the training weeks and/or months are important in guiding nutrition recommendations. A review of an athlete’s eating log and training diary is included to assess if and how the athlete is meeting their energy needs for health and performance.

Energy Budgeting Follow-Up Consultation
This follow-up consultation is for those clients who have completed an initial assessment. In this session you will work with a Registered Dietitian specializing in sport nutrition to develop an energy budget to meet your current energy needs for health and performance. This energy budget will guide you in food choices to ensure that you are getting appropriate carbohydrate, protein, fat, fluid, and calorie intake based on your age, weight, height, gender, weekly training and physical activity level.

Meal Planning Follow-Up Consultation
This follow-up consultation is for those clients who have completed their initial assessment and energy budgeting consultation. The meal plan will be your guide for making meal and snack choices. It will also include ideas for pre-workout, during workout, and post workout eating based on your daily exercise or training program.

Follow-Up Sport Nutrition Counseling
Follow-up sport nutrition counseling is available for those clients who have completed a sport nutrition assessment and want to work on individualized hydration strategies, pre and post workout meal planning, and/or periodized nutrition for sport performance with a Registered Dietitian specializing in sport nutrition.

As Needed Follow-Up Consultations
Follow-up sport nutrition consultations are available for those clients who have completed a sport nutrition assessment and have specific questions about the use of sport nutrition supplements or functional foods that they are interested in for their personal health or sport performance. These sessions are encouraged for current clients as a follow-up to provide on-going expert advice as needed

*Body Composition Assessment
A body composition test in measures your unique body composition and helps determine your personal caloric requirements. An accurate assessment of your body composition helps you, your Dietitian, and your Coach or Personal Trainer to better plan and evaluate your nutrition and training programs. This body composition test is done with the latest in multi-frequency bio-electrical impedance analysis using the InBody570. The extreme accuracy of this analysis makes it possible for the InBody570 to monitor the slightest body composition changes during the process of weight loss/gain and sport performance training programs.

Dietary Analysis
You will record your food and fluid intake for 3 days (2 weekdays and 1 weekend day) with a photo based web tool called KEENOA. Your food log will be analyzed and your nutrition summary will be provided to you.  This will help us to see what  you are doing well and where you might make some changes to meet your nutrition goals for health and sport performance.

Additional Sport Nutrition Meal Plans: Cost $150/meal plan
Different meal plans can be developed to meet the needs of the different periodized cycles in your annual training program. For instance, weight management strategies and calorie control will be needed in the transition between the end of one competitive cycle and the preparation of a new competitive cycle. Carbohydrate loading for endurance athletes would be appropriate in the competitive cycle and specific guidance with respect to macro-nutrient quantity (e.g. carbohydrate, protein, and fat needs), micro-nutrients (e.g. iron, sodium, calcium, Vitamin D), timing of nutrients (recovery nutrition), and hydration (fluid and electrolytes) would be essential in the preparation and competitive cycles for all athletes.

Comprehensive Sport Nutrition Package
The comprehensive assessment includes TWO body composition analyses, an initial sport nutrition assessment, a dietary analysis using KEENOA, an energy budgeting and meal planning session, development of a sport nutrition daily meal plan, AND two 30 minute nutrition counseling sessions with a Registered Dietitian specializing in sport nutrition.

PowerFuel™Sport Nutrition Workshop
Are you unsure of which foods to eat before, during, and after training? Are you wondering when the best time to eat for maximum benefit is? Perhaps you are chronically fatigued by the end of each week and your performance is deteriorating? This workshop will help you select the best foods and fluids so that you can train longer, recover more quickly, avoid injuries, and achieve your sport performance goals. The workshop includes a resting metabolic rate test so that you can plan your energy budget for peak health and performance – to be refueled, ready to go, and achieving your sport and health goals!

Energy Budgeting Workshop
Athletes will record a 3 day food and exercise log BEFORE the workshop. This workshop starts off with a body composition test with the InBody230 in conjunction with a RMR analysis to measure lean body mass, body fat mass, muscle development, hydration status, and personal caloric requirements. Athletes will develop an energy budget to meet their training needs for different performance goals: eating for weight loss, power and/or endurance. They will then compare this with their typical intake from their food log to see what they are doing well and where they can make some improvements.

PowerFuel™ Sport Nutrition Program for Clubs/Teams

This sport nutrition program is for teams, sport clubs and their coaches and parents. Our Registered Dietitians and/or Certified Specialist in Sport Dietetics can work with your team or club to help your athletes achieve peak health and performance.

  • Pre-assessment of team roster
    This online survey-based assessment allows us to analyze the team’s eating attitudes and food choice behaviors for health and performance. Results from this assessment will assist in the development of future sessions. * To be completed and returned by all team members prior to the PowerFuel sport nutrition basics workshop.
  • PowerFuel Team Workshop – Year Round Nutrition Principles (3 hours including break)
    This workshop will give athletes, coaches and parents an overview of the most important aspects of nutrition for sport performance. Athletes will learn about the sport nutrition food guide, using their typical eating habits, they will fine tune their hydration, and use the 2-3-4 system for planning their pre-and post-workout snacks and meals. There will be a hands-on food skills activity as part of this workshop.

PowerFuel Sport Nutrition Workshop Series
The sport nutrition workshop series provides athletes with interactive nutrition tools to help them reach their peak performance goals. Workshops can be tailored top the needs of your team. Examples include:

  • Hydration versus dehydration – Athletes will assess their current fluid balance and will determine a fluid strategy to know when and how much to consume. They will learn how dehydration affects performance and how much of which types if fluids to consume before, during, and after training/competitive situations. There will be a hands-on hydration/dehydration activity as part of this workshop.
  • Recovery Nutrition – Athletes will learn why post workout nutrition is just as important as pre-workout nutrition. They will assess their recovery from training diet and learn how to refuel with the right kinds of foods to maximize health and performance. There will be a hands-on food skills activity as part of this workshop.
  • Eating on the road – athletes will learn what kinds of foods to choose when traveling and how to prepare easy (performance enhancing) meals and snacks. Parents and coaches will also learn meal planning and food choice strategies to help support athletes’ nutrition goals.