BREAK Fast…an energizing start to your day!

I love this word as it typifies nutrition in action for me! As a basketball player I was always on a “fast break” down the court – hoping to get the ball passed to me for an easy layup and 2 more points up on my opponents! And all those fast break layup drills we did in morning practices were fueled by…yup, you got it…an energetic BREAKfast! So for all of you who never thought that breakfast actually matters, I can tell you 1st hand that it makes the difference between a great basketball game (or day!) and a so-so one. And when you’ve trained so hard to be at your best, it seems senseless to not take advantage of some easy energy boosting tips to keep you at your best – whether that be at home at work or at play!

Beating Breakfast Barriers

Not hungry in the morning? Could be because you ate too late the night before….regardless, if you don’t have an appetite for much then break your fast with a small piece of fruit or ½ cup of a latte or smoothie. Later on in the morning, when you feel hungry, you can round out your breakfast with 2 more food groups – a boiled egg or peanut butter or cheese with toast OR cereal and milk OF yogurt with fruit and 1 tbsp of cereal to add some crunch.

Short on time? Keep quick-to-fix foods on hand: bagels, tortillas, nut butters, cheese slices, cold cereals, fruit, and yogurt. You can also plan ahead by big batching French toast, freezing it and popping it in the toaster for a 1 minute breakfast! Boiled eggs are a quick and easy breakfast as you run out the door – add a piece of toast and you’re off to the races!

Think you’ll gain weight by eating breakfast? Think again! Breakfast eaters are ahead of the game when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. A morning meal actually can help you in your weight management efforts. It’s the breakfast skipping that is the problem – then you tend to overeat later on in the day when you are too famished to put on the brakes.

Don’t like traditional breakfast foods? Not a problem – that chicken quesadilla or left over pizza can work wonders. Step outside of your traditional breakfast foods and don’t be afraid to eat typical supper foods at breakfast time!