Sport Nutrition Services

Body Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (RMR): Cost $50/assessment
To effectively manage your weight and body composition it is important to know your daily caloric requirements. A body composition test in conjunction with a RMR analysis before and 3 months after beginning a nutrition and/or exercise program measures your unique personal caloric requirements. An accurate assessment of your RMR helps you, your Dietitian, and your Coach or Personal Trainer to better plan and evaluate your sport nutrition and sport performance training programs. This body composition test is done with the latest in multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis using the InBody520. The extreme accuracy of this analysis makes it possible for the InBody520 to monitor the slightest compositional changes during the process of weight loss/gain and sport performance training programs.

Individualized Counseling: Cost $150 (75 minute duration)
Individual counseling is available for those who would prefer to meet in person with a Registered Dietitian specializing in sport nutrition.

Follow-Up Counseling: Cost $60 (30 minute duration)
Follow-up individual counseling is available for those clients who request continued counseling sessions with a Registered Dietitian specializing in sport nutrition.

Comprehensive Assessment: Cost $550
The comprehensive assessment includes TWO body composition and resting metabolic rate analyses, a dietary assessment, a meal plan AND one in-person nutrition counseling session with a Registered Dietitian specializing in sport nutrition.

  • A body composition test in conjunction with a RMR analysis before and 3 months after beginning your comprehensive assessment measures your unique personal caloric requirements. An accurate assessment of your RMR helps you, your Dietitian, and your Coach or Personal Trainer to better plan and evaluate your nutrition and training programs.
  • You will record your food and fluid intake for 3 days (2 weekdays and 1 weekend day) and also log your physical activity. Your food and activity log will be analyzed using one of the top software programs in North America. Your nutrition summary will provide a list of nutrition and physical activity recommendations based on your health goals. It will also include a list of any nutrients your diet may be deficient in, such as B vitamins, calcium, iron, or zinc.
  • The meal plan will ensure that you are getting appropriate carbohydrate, protein, fat, fluid, and calorie intake based on your age, weight, height, gender, and activity level. The meal plan will be your guide for making meal and snack choices. It will also include ideas for pre-workout, during workout, and post workout eating based on your daily exercise or training program. Different meal plans can be periodized with the different periodization cycles in your annual training program. For instance, weight management strategies and calorie control will be needed in the transition between the end of one competitive cycle and the preparation of a new competitive cycle. Carbohydrate loading for endurance athletes would be appropriate in the competitive cycle and specific guidance with respect to macronutrient quantity (e.g. carbohydrate, protein, and fat needs), micronutrients (e.g. iron, sodium, calcium, Vitamin D), timing of nutrients (recovery nutrition), and hydration (fluid and electrolytes) would be essential in the preparation and competitive cycles for all athletes.

Peak Performance 15 minute sessions: Cost $30 each
Do you have questions about sport nutrition, sport nutrition supplements or foods that you see in the grocery store? Telephone counseling is an inexpensive, convenient way to stay on track. You are only a call away from a Registered Dietitian specializing in sport nutrition. These sessions are encouraged for current clients as a follow-up to provide on-going expert advice as needed. The average amount of time spent on each call is 10 minutes.

PowerFuel™Sport Nutrition Workshop: Cost $50/person
Are you unsure of which foods to eat before, during, and after training? Are you wondering when the best time to eat for maximum benefit is? Perhaps you are chronically fatigued by the end of each week and your performance is deteriorating? Your body is more than just a human machine – it thinks, breathes, moves, eats and drinks! And there are better foods and fluids to keep your body working at its best. This ½ day workshop is full of updated information to help you select the best foods and fluids so that you can train longer, recover more quickly, avoid injuries, and achieve your spor performance goals. The interactive PowerFuel™ sport nutrition workshop includes a resting metabolic rate test so that you can plan your energy budget for peak health and performance – to be refueled, ready to go, and achieving your sport and health goals! Click here for workshop schedule.

PowerFuel™ Sport Nutrition Program for Clubs/Teams: Cost $600/program

  • Does your team or sport club need sport nutrition advice or have performance and nutrition related questions?
  • Do you want to be a step ahead of your competitors?

Peak Performance has a sport nutrition program for teams, sport clubs and their coaches and parents. Sign up for the PowerFuel™ sport nutrition program and our Registered Dietitians and Sport Nutritionists will work with your team or club to help your athletes achieve peak health and performance.

The PowerFuel™ Sport Nutrition program includes:

1) Pre-Assessment of team – This assessment allows our sport nutrition specialists to analyze* the team’s eating attitudes and food choice behaviors. Results from this assessment will assist in the development of future sessions. (*Athlete Eating Questionnaire to be completed and returned by all team members prior to workshop)

2) PowerFuel™ Team Workshops – The sport nutrition workshops provide athletes with interactive nutrition tools to help athletes reach their peak performance goals. Workshop includes 2 team visits from our Sport Nutritionists, each for 1.5 hours in length (including Q & A). Workshop topics will be based on the pre-assessment results as well as discussions with coaching and/or parents. Examples of pertinent sport nutrition workshops include:

  • Hydration: The Silent Performance Enhancer
    Hydration versus dehydration - athletes will assess their current fluid balance
    Athletes will determine a fluid strategy and will know when and how much to consume

  • The R5 Recovery Plan
    Refueling to win – athletes will assess their diet and learn how to refuel with the
    right kinds of foods to maximize health and performance.

  • PowerFuel™ Nutrition
    Eating on the road – athletes will learn what kinds of foods to choose when traveling and how to prepare easy (performance enhancing) meals and snacks.

  • Parent/Coach Workshop
    A unique workshop specifically designed for parents and coaches of the athletes. This workshop provides meal planning and food choice strategies for parents to help support athletes’ nutrition goals.