Behaviour Change Workshops

Behaviour Change – One Step at a Time
If you could guarantee healthy behaviour change with every person that you worked with, you would be the most sought after person in the health profession. Poor attitudes around healthy lifestyle choices and the lack of encouragement and advocacy to adopting these healthy practices are widespread. This workshop delves into the rationale behind behavioral theory, why behaviour change can work and how to put it into action! As Mark Twain once said “Habits are not to be flung out the window, but coaxed down the stairs one step at a time.”

Risky Business
We all seem to know the man at the end of the street that lived to 94, smoking, drinking, eating fried eggs and bacon every morning…so we figure we can do it too…..little did we know that he was blessed with a superior genetic predisposition to old age! It is likely that our poor attitudes around healthy lifestyle choices is what predisposes us to disease in the first place - here are the seven top killers in Canada and advice on how to avoid them with lifestyle changes.

Three Ways to Lose Weight This Morning!
Why do some people lose more weight then others on the same weight loss program? And why is it that some inactive people eat anything they want and never gain any weight while others scrimp on calories, exercise like crazy and never lose a pound? While there is nothing magical about body weight regulation, myths and misconceptions abound. Participants will explore the intricacies of their personal energy balance and body composition and learn how to manage the twin pillars of an effective long-term approach to a power-fueled weight for optimal health and performance. Eat breakfast, get a morning workout and plan your day! We’ll show you how these three add up to a healthier happier you – all it takes is a plan and some action!


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