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Energetic Aging!
Changes happen inside an aging body that makes it more difficult to absorb some nutrients more than others. Discover the four vitamins and a mineral that become increasingly important with aging and how age associated muscle wasting threatens an older person’s independence and quality of life. Learn about energetic aging and how changes in diet combined with a good physical activity program can help us stay healthy and active well into old age. This workshop will help you make sure you are getting enough of the right types of activities and all the “PowerFuel™” foods you need for energetic aging!

Building Better Bones
One out of four women and one out of eight men has osteoporosis in Canada. Each year, 75,000 people break a bone because of the disease. Why? Because of a lack of physical activities and poor food choices! This workshop will show you how to strengthen your bones and slow down the natural bone losses that occur with age. You will discover the foods that leach calcium out of your bone bank and foods that give you long-term calcium deposits with a high rate of return! You will also get the latest update on the best foods and physical activities for your bones’ health.

Walk Away from Diabetes
Over 2 million Canadians have diabetes and one third don’t know it. In fact diabetes has become a leading cause of death by disease in the Canadian population. If you are like many people you may think that diabetes develops from eating too many sugary foods. You may also think that you can control the condition by simply avoiding sugar – but that is not the case. This workshop will show you how to incorporate some key foods and activities into your lifestyle to help you to walk away from diabetes.

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