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Your PowerFuel™ Nutrition Toolbox
To make sure that you reach your peak performance here are some key points to help you choose what’s best to eat and drink and WHEN to consume it. This workshop will ensure that you get a quick fix on your sport nutrition savvy and learn how to consume more powerhouse foods for premium nutrition and top performance!

The Re-Energizer System
You train hard all week and by the weekend all you can think of is doing absolutely nothing. You’re tired, your legs are heavy and you’re not motivated to get out and train, teach, or even compete…help! You can change all that - muscles thrive and perform on a carbohydrate-rich diet. But timing is important – refueling your muscles immediately after exercise is essential to ensure you can achieve peak performance – and get the edge on the competition! This workshop will teach you how to practice the R5 Re-Energizer System so that you are re-energized and ready to go!

The Ergogenics Edge
Are you a supplement junkie? Have you ever wondered if all those pills or powders actually do anything for you? The web abounds with promising supplements of limitless benefits. But do any of these products really have the effects they are reported to have? This workshop will review popular supplements, how they work, whom they may work best for, and the latest research results.

Protein Myths
Athletes, active individuals and weight loss fanatics are turning to protein powders, protein shakes and protein bars in their quest for more protein. But is this really necessary? This workshop addresses the top protein myths – for weight loss, weight gain, and athletic performance.

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