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Pandora’s Box
There is a Pandora's box of potential problems with menopause, namely heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and breast cancer. However what a woman eats and her type and level of physical activities reduces these risks! This workshop will help you to discover the ideal midlife diet and the best activity strategies for a healthy transition into menopause. Food and Exercise are THE best medicines!

Fuel for Female Athletes - Different Needs for a Different Body!
For active women proper eating habits are a must. Those women that practice sport nutrition will have the advantage, being able to train hard and perform at their best. But what does a female athlete need to eat – and how are her nutritional needs different from that of her male athlete counterpart? Come to this workshop and find out how women use nutrients differently then men do and discover the nutrition strategies that can help active women achieve peak performance in their sport!

The Female Athlete Triad
All women face the societal pressure that “thin is in”. And active women and girls who are driven to excel in sports or achieve excessive leanness may develop the female athlete triad, a recently recognized syndrome. Three distinct, but interrelated conditions - disordered eating, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis - comprise the Female Athlete Triad. External and internal pressure may foster the development of the TRIAD and in it’s worse case scenario it can be FATAL. Find out how to recognize if you or other women are at risk of the Female Athlete Triad.

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