Beth MansfieldDr. Elizabeth (Beth) Mansfield, PhD, MSc, RD, is a Sport Nutrition Specialist, Registered Dietitian and Certified Exercise Physiologist with Peak Performance based in Ottawa. Beth works with Canada's national teams and athletes at the international, national, provincial, regional and professional levels to ensure that they are eating for peak health and performance. She also specializes in applying training principles developed for sport performance to business executives and workplace wellness programs in both governmental and NGO sectors.

Dr. Mansfield also works in the Bureau of Nutritional Sciences at Health Canada. Her social science research uses evidence based analysis in a systematic way to answer practical nutrition related concerns/questions such as, does vigorous exercise counteract less than optimal eating habits for weight control? Her current research, done in partnership with McGill University's School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, investigates individual, social and environmental correlates of weight control in recreational women runners and is the first body of research to look at the eating habits of a representative sample of Canadian women involved in training and competing in road running races throughout Canada. Other research interests include the integration of a health literate approach to the labelling of foods with interpretive nutrition symbols to improve consumers' understanding and use of nutrition information to make their food choices when eating out in restaurants and other food services.

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Susannah Juteau, MSc, RD, is a Registered Dietitian with a background in neuroscience. Susannah has a Masters degree from McGill University and specializes in sports nutrition, weight loss and early years' nutrition. She is currently working at the Centretown Community Health Centre as a community dietitian which involves clinical work, running lots of programs, cooking workshops and nutrition presentations. With her free time she is either playing sports or helping athletes with their nutrition practices.

Susannah grew up as a competitive ringette player and went to four nationals in a row. She is also an active cross-country skier and dragon boat paddler and plays on volleyball, ultimate, hockey and soccer teams and wishes she had time for additional sports. Susannah was luckily able to intern with Beth Mansfield where she started working with the Carleton Ravens Women's hockey and basketball teams. That experience has led to helping out many other teams such as Hockey Atlantic. She also stays involved and up to date by giving Peak Performance PowerFuel™T sport nutrition seminars or individual counseling to athletes and sports teams.

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Susannah Juteau
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Peak Performance Sport Nutritionist in Montreal, Quebec

Tiffany Moey CAT(C), CSCS, RD is a Certified Athletic Therapist, NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Registered Dietitian. Tiffany is a certified athletic therapist and registered dietitian. Tiffany graduated from Concordia University in exercise science with a specialization in athletic therapy in 2003 and became a certified athletic therapist in 2004. She has worked with various teams and athletes for the past several years and currently is a staff therapist for the McGill Sports Medicine Clinic and head therapist for the McGill Men’s Rugby team and McGill Swim team. Her interest in sports nutrition drove her to pursue and achieve a degree in Dietetics, which will allow her to help athletes improve health and increase performance. She is currently working towards developing a sports nutrition program for McGill varsity athletes. This unique background of athletic therapy and nutrition will allow for a more well rounded approach to the athlete.

Services provided:

- Evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries
- Emergency care and on-field assessment of musculoskeletal injuries
- Training program design
- Nutritional assessment and counseling
- Nutrition workshops

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Cell#: 514-554-8695



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