University Coaching Feedback:

To summarize, Beth provided a significant long-term impact on our student-athletes, projects and the sport community. These young women ranged from Olympic athletes to individuals that never made the varsity roster however they moved into coaching in the community.  The lesson’s these women learned from Beth on the importance of fueling your body for performance, body image, and health continue to be shared in our community.  Beth’s understanding of a university athlete’s schedule and women in part was central to her success and delivery with our athletes.  She took a lot of the science out, and developed practical, hands on programs that allowed the athletes to learn in a practical, economic and simple way.  Beth’s reach spread from the women’s hockey team to the women’s basketball team, the women’s rugby team, the field hockey team and the men’s hockey program.

Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) Feedback

Dr. Beth Mansfield has worked with CASEM over the past several years in her role as the expert on sport nutrition and exercise physiology both in Canada and internationally and how that plays out with the team physician role in the preparation and development of the athlete for major games and major competition.  Within our faculty, Dr. Mansfield has worked on curriculum programming to determine and deliver appropriate education for our developmental team physicians. Dr. Mansfield presented on “Sport Nutrition – Energy deficit in female runners” and “Sport Nutrition for Winter Endurance Athletes.  Both sessions were provided as changes within the health services team with our franchise holders moved from medically-oriented approach to the athlete performance to a more comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to the athlete well-being. We are excited to have her continued involvement in CASEM!